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Impersonation Basics

Posted by Jeff Scripter on April 16, 2022 · 1 min read

What is a Impersonation?

Impersonation is a windows feature that temporarily sets an alternate Windows authentication token for a process and thread. This can let you be fluid with what credential a process is using for local or remote actions.

Types of tokens


Primary tokens are used when to creation processes and are created after a logon event.


And impersonation token is used only for setting impersonation and used as alternate authentication for a process/thread. An authentication token can only be created using the DuplicateTokenEX win32 api.

Why use Impersonation

Impersonation can help you get around commands that do not natively have credential options such as SQL. It can also let you use a NetOnly credential and work cross domain with far less hassle.

How do I get started working with tokens and Impersonation

Good news! I have a powershell module that I hope simplifies this: