The Windows House Of Mirrors | An Exploration of IT

The Windows House Of Mirrors

Posted by Jeff Scripter on May 05, 2019 ·


In this broad-ranging talk we’ll wander through the circus of lesser known windows subsystems. We’ll soar, with the greatest of ease, on the Registry trapeze. Ride the WMI elephant. And pitch softballs at the DCOM dunk-tank. You’ll be the ringmaster of the three-ring circus that is Windows.

What you will learn:

  • What the Windows Registry actually is, how it’s assembled, and what it’s hiding from you.
  • How to make sense of COM/DCOM and why they still matter in the modern computing environment.
  • Basic understanding of WMI structure and function.


Shaun Cassells (@cassells)

Stephen Owen (@FoxDeploy)


The Windows House Of Mirrors

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