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Windows Sub-systems an Explorer's Guide

Posted by Jeff Scripter on May 05, 2019 ·


Adventure with us as we strive to make your life easier by venturing into an exploration of some of the Windows sub-systems and components that are still somehow unappreciated. This should help you out on a daily basis, providing you with a better understanding that can help you get even more out of them. In this broad-ranging talk, we’ll wander through the mystery of some of these must-know Windows subsystems.

What you will learn:

  • What the Windows Registry actually is, how it’s assembled, and what it’s hiding from you
  • Basic understanding of WMI structure and function
  • How Windows telemetry and data are gathered and submitted to Microsoft.


Shaun Cassells (@cassells)

Stephen Owen (@FoxDeploy)

License (License)

All Code and work is open sourced under the above license. Please use and share, but credit me and my peers for our work.