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Pester Practically Perfect Coding

Posted by Jeff Scripter on May 05, 2019 ·


Are you ready to take your PowerShell code from good to great? You can’t do it without unit testing. Let’s dive into writing more maintainable and supportable PowerShell using the Pester Framework. This session will cover what exactly unit testing is and why it is vital to writing successful automations. After this session you be able to get started implementing Pester today.

What you will learn:

  • An understanding of the important of unit testing.
  • How to write test friendly code.
  • A basic understanding of how to start using Pester.


Fred Bainbridge (@FredBainbridge)


Pester Practically Perfect PowerShell

Demo Code

License (License)

All Code and work is open sourced under the above license. Please use and share, but credit me and my peers for our work.